The goal of MYF is to connect people at a time of physical disconnection. 


Together, we have curated an incredible line up of  teachers, visionaries, healers and musicians from around the world to rebalance, re-evaluate and reignite a sense of purpose.

Whether you are in Europe, South East Asia, America or Australia - we have you covered.

We have a line up that cuts across all time zones*, and just incase you miss your favourite teacher or practice  - the recordings will be made available to you in the members area for 36 hours.


*the timings on the schedule will automatically sync with the timings on your device*

All Proceeds from the festival goes towards Covid-19 relief efforts.

Line Up

Yoga is for everyone.

MYF embraces the diversity of yoga and provides a platform for its many unique paths.

Come join these wonderful beings on this ancient, yet wildly cool spiritual journey.

Covid-19 Relief Organisations

All proceeds raised from Mitra Yoga Fest 2020 go to charities involved in Covid-19 relief work. More information about the charities your festival donation supports can be found by clicking on the images below:



Our Vision is to steer the world back into connection and balance through Yoga.

In a time where Yoga has moved far from its roots and has been grossly misunderstood as JUST exercise and breathing, we strive to bring you the authenticity and realness behind it. A Yoga that embraces all and sees no gender, race, background, or colour. A yoga that strives to bring in inquiry, understanding, activism, service, and charity.


In Sanskrit, the word Mitra means "friend". It is a combination of two root words mi, which means "destruction," and tra, meaning "protective force." 


Mitra is thus the friend that always guides you to the light, whilst also protecting you from harm.

Mitra Yoga Fest aims to be that friend. The festival enables you to CHOOSE and experience many paths of yoga. Weather your calling is to enquire, or to move, or sing or sit quietly and go within... we hope to remind you that though Yoga has many paths, the goal is One.



We believe in leaving this world a better place than when we first got here...and this is our commitment to YOU.

We have scoured the corners of the earth to bring you passionate teachers, soulful singers, visionary change makers and community builders.

TOGETHER, lets REALLY make this world a beter place.

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Mitra Yoga Fest

let your spirit fly high

Our Vision is to bring the world back into connection and balance through Yoga.

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