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Join us as we embark on this very special journey...

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This Mitra Yoga workshop will be facilitated by:

An online (zoom) workshop on Saturday 12th September at 5am EDT, 10am BST, 2.30pm IST, 7pm AEST.

 In this workshop we will explore:

  • Sacred pranayama pracitices to increase prana and uplift your energy

  • Asana flows that will elevate the body

  • A deep yoga nidra to sow the seeds of change you've been wanting to set

  • Experiential learning sessions based on the sacred Patanjali Yoga Sutras


It is your time to rejuvenate, reset your thinking and create a new normal that will leave you feeling full of joy, lighter and stronger to navigate the ever changing environment. 

As always, at least 20% of all funds that mitra raises goes back into the global community. The Sacred Reset workshop is humbled and happy to support Survival International, a brilliant charity that provides a platform to the unherd, often forgotten voices of the indigenouse people who have had to struggle to keep their land in the name of progress and development.

 Survival International champions the unherd, ignored, played down   voices of the native tribes. Check out “There you go!” and  “Primitive?” videos to know more. 

Rohani Manohar


Founder and teacher at Chennai Yoga Studio, Rohini’s favorite things to do in the whole world are smile, hug, and do yoga. Awesome was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe anyone and everyone who takes the effort to sculpt their bodies and minds. She’s on a mission to help people discover their potential through yoga.
Rohini is an internationally certified (ERYT500) yoga teacher who has practiced yoga for 10 years in Australia, Malaysia and India.

Natasha Chawla


Natasha's quest for a deeper understanding of the mind and body has taken her across worlds, from the foothills of the Himalayas, to the busy streets of London. She seamlessly melds the ancient with the modern, the dynamic with the silent, and creates classes that are reflective, transformative and that make you ready to give your all to your life and your service.
Natasha is an internationally certified (ERYT500) yoga teacher and teaches in London and India.


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