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Our Mission 

We are on a mission to bring you YOGA in its most AUTHENTIC form. A yoga that does not divide based on gender, race, place or body type ..but one that empowers you to EVOLVE.

We do this by by bringing together passionate teachers, soulful singers, visionary transformers and community builders who dont just "talk" or "show" yoga but LIVE yoga.

Whilst yoga can mean many things to many people, we focus on the four traditional yogic paths.

  • Raja yoga - specifically the ashta-anga (8-limbed) path that includes asana and pranayama along with the 6 other aspects (yamas, niyamas, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi)

  • Bhakti yoga - the path of love and devotion that kirtan-ists and musicians embark on 

  • Gyana yoga - the path of study and deep enquiry that monks and visionaries delve into

  • Karma yoga - the path of karma (action), that uplifts humanity through selfless, dedicated service. All of us act throughout the day, the differnce between mere karma (action) and karma yoga is the attitude we serve with.

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