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Mitra 4 Peace Tickets
For tickets to MYF on Sunday 20th March 2022, please fill out the form below, go to one of the charity links listed below and make your donation. Take a screenshot and upload it as proof of your donation.

This is a fundraiser to raise money for people who are fighting for their land, their freedom and their right to democracy.
As their houses turn to rubble around them, as they watch their loved-one's lives being needlessly taken, as they try to courageously defend their future, instead of looking on helplessly, we can support them with our donations - please give generously...
Click on the checkbox of your chosen organisation. Click on the link. Make your donation on their website. All options, take a screenshot of proof of donation and upload it below.
Upload a screenshot of your donation transaction receipt.

Thank you for making a difference!

Please check your inbox.

Mitra 4 Peace joining details have been e-mailed.

**Check your SPAM folder if it hasn't arrived in your inbox**


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