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Meet The Team

Mitra was created by deeply passionate individuals who endevour to live, breath and share all things Yoga.

One afternoon on a beautiful Monsooon day in Bhagsu (in the foothills of the Himalayas), Natasha and Rohini urged the students in their 2018 TTC (teacher training course) to think of how they could use what they were learning to change themselves and society. As they themselves journaled and discussed their own thoughts and dreams, the idea of Mitra was born.

Together they wanted to create a space where quality rules over quantity and authenticity over the billion dollar industry yoga was and is fast becoming.

A space where inner growth preceeded external poses.

A space where truly knowing your Self is as important as wanting others to know about you.


The first festival was planned for 21st June 2021, and our search for a location began.


Fast forward to Covid-19, pandemic, lock-down...our plans were halted.

As we questioned the possibility of our dreams, we also started noticing that through the pandemic, not only was there the physichal disconnection from each other, BUT everyone seemed to be getting more and more out of balance.


So we decided to pre-pone the festival by a year and host it online and at the same time raise funds for the front-line workers and those who were very badly hit by the situation.

The first Mitra Yoga Festival was born online in 2020.

A space that brought together a beautiful, unique blend of teachers that live and love all that they teach to a global community seeking to connect, rebalance, learn and grow.

From here it has blossomed into a vessel that aims to Connect | Balance | Evolve

Connect - bringing together people from around the world with a single vision: to grow into the best versions of themselves

Balance - coming together to find harmony and balance within ourselves and with the 'outer' world

Evolve - when the body and mind have a sense of balance and harmony, then beauty occurs, evolution takes place.


May everything we do take us a step closer to our higher selves


Rohini Manohar

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Rohini is a creative spirit who consciously built a life to encompass all things she loves. She is the founder and acharya at Chennai Yoga Studio and Mitra Yoga Fest. 


Natasha Chawla 

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Natasha is a creative and a deep enquirer who is currently pursuing her DPhil in Religion and the Environment at Oxford. She is the founder of Sohum Studios and Mitra Yoga Fest.

Dishant Sehra

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Bhuvaneshwaran Prakasham

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Our brilliant design lead over at Ink Dabba design studio. Need a video or a post? Bhuva creates. Need things to look beautiful and polished - he's our guy.

Vinodh Chandrasekaran

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